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Ellen ten Damme, Steve Nelson, Camille Sledge, Joseph Bowie, Hans Dulfer, Kit & Jo Morgan…

And many more... Big names from the international world of music entered our stage last October. That didn't go unnoticed, because visitors including Geert van Itallie, director of the Melkweg in Amsterdam and Erik Gerritsen, former director of the Concertgebouw, were more than enthusiastic about the set up and programming, done by Nathalie Lans, of this new festival. All the more reasons for the organization to organize a second edition from 12 - 14 October 2018.

Nathalie Lans: "One thing is certain, we are going to to our very best to surpass ourselves!"

Stimulated and supported by all the beautiful reactions such as the one from saxophonist Arie Kuit:

'This has the possibility to become the best music-festival in the Netherlands.'

At the moment the organization is working hard on the programming. For developments:

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