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Review 'For the Love of Music'

In the March edition of Jazz Bulletin the Nederlandse Jazz Archief (Dutch Jazz Archive) was a review printed on the book 'For the Love of Music' by author Nathalie Lans. Coen de Jonge (Chief editor) wrote the following review:

"Jazzpodium Waterweg, located in Schiedam, is an atmospheric place for which Nathalie Lans (who previously wrote a foliate about saxophonist Hans Dulfer) provides the communication and programming. Among the visitors of this jazz cave there are quite a few enthusiasts who point their cameras at the people on stage.Nathalie Lans has collected such images from five photographers: she also asked fifty musicians what their first experience with music were and what music means in their lives. This led to a book in which people like the Dulfer's, Alexander Beets, Deborah Brown, Harry Emmery, Laura Fygi, Boris van der Lek, Bas van Lier, Marcel Serierse and Bart Wirtz telling one page how music (and especially jazz) came into their lives. On the opposite page is always a portrait of them 'in action' at Jazzpodium Waterweg. At the end of there are book two pages with smaller photos and a number of declarations of love for the venue in Schiedam. The foreword is by the Amsterdam Melkweg director Geert van Itallie. "

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