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The most prestigious jazz magazine recognizes Bogui and Café Central among the elite of the world&#3

"Jazz in Madrid is becoming a soundtrack characteristically of the city. In the last decade the people of Madrid have witnessed the enormous growth that this music has experienced in its streets, from the residence of an excellent generation of Cuban jazz musicians and the enormous talent of a whole legion of young jazz musicians. All this has turned Madrid into the stage of some of the most fertile and interesting adventures of Spanish and European jazz. The clubs and concert halls could not be left behind, and today there are numerous concert options throughout the year. Bogui and Café Central have just been recognized as two of the best jazz halls in the world, according to Downbeat.


Special merit has - although perhaps somewhat late - the distinction of Bogui, because these have become one of the great jazz lungs of the city. The room located at 29 Barquillo Street program jazz practically 365 days a year, welcoming all the promises and sponsoring new projects, such as the one that led for a few weeks with that jazz laboratory that is The Resistance Jazz Ensemble, a luck Musical laboratory that accommodates the main jazz players of the Madrid scene."

Bogui and Jazzpodium Waterweg have a close relationship. Nathalie Lans organized a trip for members of Jazzpodium Waterweg to Bogui, where they enjoyed a beautiful concert of jazz legend Pedro Iturralde.

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