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Jazzpodium Waterweg took her visiters to the nightlife around Broadway in New York during the first Sweet Notes Night on Thursday September 24th. In their own jazzclub, the monumental St. Joris Doele, ten fantastic jazzmusicians made time rewind and took us back to the glory days of jazz in the fifthies and sixties in America.

Nathalie Lans: 'We had an amazing line up last night: American singer Deborah J. Carter and Paul Kessels for the vocals. Miguel Rodríguez (from Madrid) played piano, Marius Beets bass and Gijs Dijkhuizen was the drummer. The horn section excisted out of Ellister van der Molen (trumpet), Rolf Delfos (alto sax), Alexander Beets and Stan van de Wetering (tenor sax). It was an evening not to be missed!'


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