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Jazzmuseum Rotterdam showed on the 16th June the film 'Round Midnight’ directed by Bertrand Tavernier. A wistful and tragic portrait that captures the Paris jazz scene of the 50's. "In the setting of the temporarily museum the story of the protagonist jazzman ‘Dale Turner’ (based on a composite of real-life jazz legends Lester Young and Bud Powell) hit me right in the heart”, says Nathalie Lans, chairman of Jazzmuseum Rotterdam. The pop-up museum is located (until July 19th 2015) in the Fenixloods 1, an old harbour warehouse in the Katendrecht district, and presents 7 jazz exhibitions. Nathalie Lans: “It’s an inspiring place where you can feel the jazz. Not only world’s greatest jazz photos, but also the programmed concerts and movie screenings are more than worth a visit!” DJAZZtv is guiding a project with music photographers and New York City based photographer Michael Weintrob will work in the museum to expand his InstrumentHead series early July. “And don’t miss the jazz college tours through the jazz history by trumpeter Michael Varekamp on the 2nd and 3th of July”, continues Nathalie Lans. “Impressing photos, beautiful stories, movie fragments and of course music. Come to the Jazzmuseum Rotterdam!” Look for the complete


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